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Real Estate Investing and Being a Landlord

Investing in real estate is one of the classic wealth creation vehicles that have launched many people from poverty to the peak of wealth. The real estate vehicle is chosen due to its accessibility to most people, as everyone at the very least has rented an apartment or a house, or like many of us, bought a home. So by being first hand homeowners or renters gives unique insight into becoming potential property owners, as investors in real estate.

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Managing Fear and Risk in Real Estate Investments

Fear is a risk that is borne out of insufficient knowledge. One should not feel na├»ve or uninformed. At the end of the day, if one does not do this to earn one’s living on a daily basis one will always feel out of place. Funnily, most people are not aware of what influences changes in stocks. Consequently, most people go on to buy mutual funds because they believe the fund manager has a better idea on stocks than they do. As such, the fund manager gets their pay even if stocks depreciate and people buy even more as they save for retirement. People do buy mutual funds as well and although they have suffered, a downward trend this year there is nothing people can do about it. As the worst mortgage / real estate crisis of this era unfolds, people are making profits by investing in real estate. People plan to hang onto their money though risk management is all about diversification.

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